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Made in USA – Designed in Australia

Eco Tiny House Models

Homestead Series 24GB

This Homestead Series is our most popular design because it has 3 bedrooms, one of which is on the ground floor. It includes kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining, two loft sleeping areas and ample storage. The perfect size for permanent living, holiday accommodation, weekend retreat or Air B&B rental.

LS7200GB Road, Front

Drover Series 20DLS

This Tiny House design comes with a skillion roof feature (with parapet) creating increased space in the loft area. Enjoy all the usual features including kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining area, storage stairs, master loft and the additional single loft. Perfect for permanent living, guest house, Air B&B rental or weekend retreat.


Swagman Series 16SL

Our Swagman Series includes kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining, sleeping area and ample storage. It contains all you need for permanent living or other options like holiday rental, Air B&B rental, guest house or extra space for a growing family.

IS4800 Reduced 2.0

Billabong Series 12NL

Our Billabong Series 12NL is perfect for the extra space you may need for temporary accommodation or sleeping quarters when there’s no room left in the house! Includes full ensuite with shower, flushing toilet, vanity basin and mirror cabinet. Main area can be designed to include either bedroom, kitchenette and or laundry.

Eco Tiny Home

Top reasons to go ‘Tiny’ with us:

Stylish and spacious Tiny Houses with quality finish.

Custom designs at no additional charge.

Delivery available to North America.

Affordable, alternative housing solution.

Sustainable low-impact living.

Experienced staff in home building and design.

“Right from the beginning we saw evidence of the reality of the company’s culture of honesty and integrity and felt safe doing business with Grant and his team. This did not change over the building process and we are very happy with the finished product as well as the prompt, friendly communication and support from the whole team.”

John & Vivien 

What is a Tiny House?

A Tiny House is a modern approach to building and living in a convenient and sustainable way. It is far less expensive than traditional housing, more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and transportable. Conventional homes are fixed to the ground, whereas a Tiny House is built on top of a steel chassis with axles, wheels, braking system and tow hitch. It is similar to a recreational vehicle (“RV”) in size, but unlike RV’s, a Tiny House looks like and is constructed like a house. This makes the life expectancy of a Tiny House much greater than that of an RV.
A Tiny House can be towed on any road in the US and placed anywhere that an RV is accepted. In fact, many towns and cities are beginning to adapt their building restrictions and code to allow the placement of a Tiny House in long-term placements that do not allow RVs. A Tiny House is subject to size and towing restrictions that apply to RVs and manufactured houses.
We offer different lengths: 12′, 16′, 20′, 24′, and 28′. Height restrictions of 13.5′ and width of 8.5′ apply to all of the Tiny Houses. Weights are less than 14,000, unless the buyer intends to have it delivered commercially to its location.
There are almost unlimited design possibilities within the size requirements available. Each Tiny House can be custom designed to suit whatever purpose you desire. The main structure is built on either a tandem or tri-axle trailer depending on size and weight. The Tiny House is made using traditional home building materials and techniques. However, the design is up to you. It can contain a living room, kitchen, ground floor bedroom, loft bedroom – single and queen, shower and toilet. It can also be designed as a studio or office, mother-in-law suite, or student accommodation. It’s up to your imagination how you create your stylish and spacious Tiny House.

Eco Tiny Home
Eco Tiny Home

Why a HQ Tiny House?

  1. HQ Tiny Houses are a sustainable and a low-impact type of living.
  2. You can live a flexible life, without the restrictions of a fixed dwelling.
  3. HQ Tiny Houses are relatively lower in costs than a traditional house, so you can live debt-free more easily.
  4. Our HQ Tiny Houses are custom built to meet your individual needs.
  5. They are built off site and delivered so you don’t have to experience the construction noise or mess.
  6. A HQ Tiny Houses can provide a low-cost living option in places where the housing market is too great.

Tiny Houses and Planet Earth

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