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There is an incredible amount of information these days on the topic of climate change. A quick search on the internet and you are inundated with sites dedicated to the topic. Although there are many doubters still out there, here at HQ Tiny Houses we believe that it is incumbent on us to be good stewards of our environment and avoid needlessly wasting energy, conserving it where possible.  Here are several ways our Tiny Houses are doing their part …

Energy Efficiency – All our Tiny Houses use the latest LED technology for lighting. These lights run solely off a solar panel and a battery storage system. This results in a significant reduction in the need for mains power. 


Insulation – Walls and ceilings are all double insulated with “Earthwool” and all windows are double glazed as standard in all our Tiny Houses. The more we can insulate our houses the less we need to rely on artificial heating and cooling systems which use an incredible amount of power.


Renewable Power – On top of the standard solar system which runs the lighting system, owners also have the option of installing a larger solar system to run “off grid” therefore independent of mains power. We offer different solar packages depending on how much power you require. With the use of fridges, gas cooktops and gas ovens we can keep most owners covered for all their power needs with our largest solar package. This industry leading package consists of a powerful  inverter,  battery storage bank, solar panels and a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller. This option allows correctly oriented Tiny Houses to be disconnected from any mains power source and their occupants to live simply and independently, on the power generated by the sun.

Solar Eco Tiny Home
Eco Tiny Home

Use Less Water – You may wonder how using less water helps reduce energy use, and it’s a good question. But what many don’t realize is that the supply of water to a main tap requires a lot of energy not only in its filtration but also in its delivery to the tap. Our tiny houses come with a built-in unique gutter system that catches all the rain water. Due to size restrictions we are unable to mount down pipes for travel on the road, but as soon as the tiny is in its place owners can easily install a rainwater tank to catch the water. A series of downpipes can be installed and connected to feed into the tank. You can either use it for the garden or outdoor shower, or even have us install an  energy efficient water pump to supply water to your Tiny House kitchen and bathroom areas. Another way to save water is with a composting toilet. Using a compost toilet requires zero water and the waste is simply composted into organic matter that can be returned to the soil via your garden or yard. For some of our clients, the idea of using a compost toilet is a step too far so we do offer Tiny Houses with flushing toilets. But if you are willing we have several options for composting toilets you can use that we highly recommend and encourage. Approx. 90% of our clients choose composting as a commitment to the environment and with no regrets so far!


Live Sustainably – A Tiny House is an appropriate use of natural resources to house an individual or family group. We all must live somewhere, so it’s important that the decisions we make on the size and location of the dwelling is vitally important.  We recommend the appropriate amount of renewable resources.  Tiny Houses are transportable so you can park it near your workplace. And if your job moves interstate, your Tiny House moves with you. It’s one of the great elements to a Tiny House that makes it the home of the future.

Eco Tiny Home
Eco Tiny Home
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