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Going Tiny requires thought into the design as you need to make every space work for your unique lifestyle. HQ Tiny Houses offers a custom design service for all our customers. If you aren’t 100% set on an existing model we offer, we will custom design a Tiny for you.

Every project starts with a base model size – 12ft, 16ft, 20ft or 24ft long x 8ft wide. From there we add in all the features you need to make the space perfect for your lifestyle. When complete you will be able to view the design in regular 2D plan view as well as a 3D model.

You can search through hundreds of examples of other customer’s custom designs we have completed on the Graphisoft BIMx server.

Simply follow the link to the model you are interested in:

From there you can see how others have modified the base models to create there very own custom design.

Once you’ve decided which Tiny you want complete a custom design template and email it through to the office. We will design based on your sketches and notes and email back and forth until we get the design just right. This method generally takes a lot longer and a lot more back and forth with emails to complete compared to meeting face to face. But if distance is a factor, we are happy to work this way. After each design change we will forward the 3D model for your viewing.

During the design process we will go through every element of the Tiny House for your selection of materials and finishes. Things to consider may include:

  • External cladding – cedar (oiled or painted), metal (color), fibre cement (color)
  • Roof design – pitched, skillion/flat or asymmetrical
  • Window style, size and placement and color
  • Entrance door location, style and size.
  • Solar or mains power
  • Sewer or compost toilet
  • Tank or town water
  • Fireplace, air conditioning or ceiling fan
  • Custom couch vs bought furniture

Once a custom design is completed a contract will be prepared including all the drawings, specifications and costings for your review.

Click on this link to open the PDF:

Custom HQ Tiny House Template


If you would like to book an appointment please call our office on 1300 334 153 or email [email protected]

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